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big flag fullof bullet holes

Spanish naval ensign captured at the Battle of Trafalgar. The ensign belonged to the San Ildefonso and was hung in the crossing of St Paul's Cathedral during Nelson's funeral service on 9 January 1806. 9.8x14.4 metre flag

The Battle of Trafalgar

The Battle of Trafalgar good paintings
Collingwood's Column

Achilles (Br), coming to Bellerophon's aid, challenged Montanes who steered away before coming upon Argonaute with whom she traded broadsides for an hour. About to board and take possession, Achille (Fr) came up to port and Berwick to starboard separating her from Argonaute. Achille (Fr) continued on towards Bellerophon while Achilles (Br) and Berwick fought on for an hour before Berwick surrendered.

The British ships sent their boats to rescue as many of the crew as possible, rescuing about 100 from the flames. When the fire reached the magazine, Achille (Fr) blew up at around 5.45 marking the end of the battle.

Appendix III RECORD OF HMS ACHILLES | NZETC: "The fourth Achilles, launched at Gravesend in 1798, was a ship of 1930 tons and 74 guns. She was present at Trafalgar, under the command of Captain Richard King, and was the sixth ship in the lee line led by Vice-Admiral Collingwood. The French fleet at Trafalgar included an Achille, of 74 guns, which was blown up during the action. The fourth Achilles had a long life of 66 years, being finally sold out of the Navy in 1864."

Encyclopedia: Battle of Trafalgar

Trafalgar Signals: "0550 Achilles Nelson Have discovered a strange fleet. "

Trafalgar Roll

(The ranks are mostly self explanatory, though highly abbreviated. LM is understood to mean Landsman.) 1640 names. obviously about half or worse

National Maritime Museum: "'Nelson & Napoleon'

This exciting new exhibition runs until 13 November and forms the centrepiece of the Museum�s commemorations of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Find out more, explore the Museum�s Nelson-related collections and book tickets online."

Collections & research : National Maritime Museum: "The National Maritime Museum's collection contains over two million objects related to seafaring, navigation, astronomy and measuring time. The Museum is committed to improving access to its collections. Over 9100 objects are now online, with a further 550 to be made available by spring 2005 as part of an ongoing digitization strategy."

Nelson's hand-drawn plan of the Battle of Trafalgar discovered at the National Maritime Museum : 2002 press releases : Press releases : Corporate & commercial: " Nelson began explaining how he proposed to fight his next battle, whenever it might happen:
'I shall form the Fleet into three Divisions in three Lines. One Division shall be composed of twelve or fourteen of the fastest two-decked Ships, which I shall keep always to windward, or in a situation of advantage and I shall put them under an Officer who I am sure will employ them in the manner I wish if possible. I consider it will always be in my power to throw them into Battle in any part I may choose ..With the remaining part of the Fleet formed in two Lines I shall go at them at once, if I can about one Third of their line from their leading ship... But I'll tell you what I think of it. I think it will surprise and confound the Enemy. They won't know what I am about. It will bring forward a pell-mell battle and that is what I want.' "