Sunday, July 18, 2004

Google Search: "HC Andersen"

I find an image search a really good way of surfing
Odense Bys Museer - H.C. Andersen and a paper clip

klip is Danish for clip
Google Search: "HC Andersen" klip

Google Search: "Hans Christian Andersen" klip wonderful

Google Search: "Hans Christian Andersen" paper

Google Search: "Hans Christian Andersen" papir

only one "The Chair"
H.C. Andersen stolen i Odense

Friday, July 16, 2004

Weekendavisen på nettet

BØGER | NR. 29, 12. - 18. Juli 2004
Andersen i kongens nye klæder

Biografisk. Rolf Dorset forsøger modigt at genoptage og udvikle hypotesen om H.C. Andersen som uægte kongebarn. Det kommer der bare ikke så mange nye argumenter ud af.

Weekendavisen på nettet
If you are going to have some idea of what is going on in danish intellectual and artistic life, this weekly paper is a must read comparable to Weekly book reviews and literary analysis from the Times Literary Supplement

Once again the idea that Hans Christian Andersen was the unacknowleged illegitimate son of Crown Prince Christian Frederick(later the danish King Christian VIII) and Countess Elise Ahlefeldt-Laurvig from Tranekær is being aired.

This time in a book PARADISBARNET by Rolf Dorset ( last time it was Jens Jørgensen in 1987) delving in genealogical fantasies and without any documentation other than coincidences of time and place.

If some locks of hair survive a simple DNA test might give an answer but until then this is not genealogy but fiction.

Neither of the books interest me enough to read them, not even a library copy, let alone buy them, so this is a review of a review.

Andersen-kvalme, Andersen sickness, is likely to be out fate in the jubilee year but the cure will be simple - read the untranslated ur-text especially the poems and plays and novels - preferably in Fraktur to slow one down.

Friday, July 09, 2004

Google Search: andersen festival site:dk

Google Search: hans christian andersen festival london

The Battle of Trafalgar, 21 October 1805

Google Search: horatio nelson festival london

BBC NEWS | UK | England | Nelson artefacts make £2m

Star item was Norfolk-born Lord Nelson's sword from the Battle of the Nile, which reached £336,650 - far more than the pre-sale estimate of £60-80,000.

Sotheby's jewellery director Martyn Downer uncovered the collection last year after he visited descendants of Alexander Davison, Nelson's friend and banker, to research a diamond brooch.

A collection of 72 letters from Nelson's wife Frances was acquired by the National Maritime Museum.

The collection, amassed during Nelson's life by Davison is being sold by his descendants.

Nelson, The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson - Preface:

"The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson
by Robert Southey "