Saturday, April 23, 2005

what is going on in this blog?

The original concept was to translate some of HCA's diaries into english - especially about dreams - but that project to publish an illustrated book of them this year has long since been dropped.

Then I found when Denmark is celebrating a birth, merry England in contrast would be commemorating a death.

Nelson, who was one of my boyhood heroes.
To populate this blog I read some of his writings and found one dream in his letters.

So this blog is being rested until the celebrations begin in earnest in London.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Project Runeberg

Project Runeberg: "Happy Birthday, Hans Christian!

Denmark's famous author of The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor's New Clothes and other fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen, was born on April 2, 1805, in the city Odense, two hundred years ago today.
Project Runeberg has regrettably few of his works online, but they are well represented on Danish websites that we link to from our page on Hans Christian Andersen. We also link to many places in our scanned books and magazines that describe his life and work.
Did you know that in Danish and Swedish, he only used his initials H. C. (just like H. G. Wells or T. S. Eliot), while in English, German, and French his name is usually spelled out in full. "

Sunday, April 03, 2005

from Denmark I hear that the play on TV
and the stadium show, also on TV, were long and boring.

The Queen hid her suffering well.

Prince Joachim arrived separately from his divorced wife Princess Alexandra - as if anyonc cared.

And why Tina Turner?
Politiken in At Tænke Sig summed it up neatly by saying: we can't understand why Tina Turner has been invited to take part - until we found out she was born the same year as H C Andersen