Friday, January 28, 2005

CBC News: Elvis Costello to compose Hans Christian Andersen opera: "COPENHAGEN - Singer-songwriter Elvis Costello, known for his mixing of musical styles and collaborations with a wide range of musicians, will create an opera based on fairy-tale writer Hans Christian Andersen's unrequited love for a Swedish soprano.
The Secret Arias, slated for Denmark's newly opened Royal Theater in 2006, will be based on songs the Danish children's writer penned for the object of his affection, Jenny Lind, a soprano dubbed the Swedish Nightingale. Lind, however, never returned the feeling."

Østerbro nord


Østerbros sydlige del 1841
note the villa ROLIGHED where H C Andersen spent many happy days

the artistwho painted this picture in 1853 Blegdamsvej 92B
was standing at about Blegdamsvien 85 -- 15 de
without doubt HCA would have promenaded by these lakes.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Project Runeberg
January 2005
Projekt Runeberg går in i det nya året med ambitionen att uppmärksamma Norge och unionsupplösningens år 1905.
In English:

Norway became independant in 1905


Our four new disks are now in service (see picture), providing 550 gigabytes of extra storage space. Our thanks to all who made this possible through their generous donations.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Google Search: 1805 200 years

200 Years Ago This Week...
On Monday, six men joined another Indian hunting party of men, women, children and dogs. Over three days, the party managed to kill a buffalo bull, three elk, four deer, several wolves, a badger, a “white hair,” and two porcupines. One of the hunters, Pvt. Joseph Whitehouse had a case of frozen feet that thankfully was not as serious as the captains had feared.

200 Years Ago Week of Jan. 13, 1805, to Jan. 19, 1805

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well the season has started - det levende net
are publishing daily excerpts from HCA diaries
H C Andersen dagbøger
a portal
HCA2005 - H.C. Andersen