Friday, January 30, 2004

JMR : The Wife's Tale: Frances, Lady Nelson and the break-up of her marriage: "There is a telling phrase in a letter he wrote to Emma on 17 March - less than a week after the 'dismissal' letter -

I dreamt last Night that I hurt you with a Stick on account of that fellow
& attempted to throw over [your] head a tub of hot water

I woke in agony and my feelings cannot be very comfortable.66

'That fellow' was the Prince of Wales, who Nelson was convinced fancied Emma and so the dream was no doubt related at least in part to his jealousy, as he supposed. But dreams usually have much deeper roots than the emotion of the moment � Freudians, for example, would have a field-day with the fact that Nelson dreamed of throwing 'hot water' over his mistress! So perhaps his subconscious desire to hurt Emma was also the product of his continuing guilt that he had been forced to hurt his wife because of his love for his mistress?

The Battle of Copenhagen, 2 April 1801, by Nicholas Pocock.
Neg. No. BHC0529; - NMM.Amidst all this emotional turmoil, the "

66. HN to EH, 17 March 1801, NMM MON/1/8.

Letters and Dispatches of Horatio Nelson: "These on-line editions of Horatio Nelson's dispatches and letters are based directly on the original nineteenth century editions. Nelson, who died at the naval battle of Trafalgar on October 21, 1805, was one of the most successful and famous of British fleet commanders."

but did he record any dreams?

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

H.C. Andersens drømme :: :: H.C. Andersen Diaries: "2. Februar 1834"

Dreamed last night that I was walking in Odense and was look for my mother's grave, but nobody knew which one it was

He then goes on to quote one of the more depressing Lutherian hymns by the great Danish poet Kingo. " Tired of the world" and really sounding quite suicidal.

15th of February 1834
I have got a sore throat and it was worse after I had dreamed all night of a polyp in my throat, and of robbers and of Brøndsted. who was the archaeologist he had been together with in Paris.

26 Feb 1834
dreamt horribly about Ørsted last night who was the Danish scientist who detected electro-magnetism for the first time.

Still on his grand tur and close to Vesuvius volcano.

1 Jun 1834
slept badly because of toothache, and dreamed very much about the king of Bavaria, who told me to take number 121 in the lottery in order to win, and I replied, though that is just like in Lumpacivagabundus
Google Search: Lumpacivagabundus
Google Search: German with the Z Lumpazivagabundus which is a play and a film

Google Search:english Lumpazivagabundus

Well I have certainly been neglecting this blog, I really ought to be looking for some dreams recorded in Lord Nelson's diaries if they exist.

I had a remarkable dreams myself this morning, I was an actor on the stage and had to run and jump up onto some battlements and fight of some attackers.

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

68 years old today !!!

H.C. Andersens drømme :: :: H.C. Andersen Centret: Rome January 1 1834
Had fever in my blood the whole night and dreamt in the early morning of a bat which I fought with, its wings grew bigger and bigger but I had nearly overpowered it when I awoke.

On my 68th birthday !H.C. Andersens drømme :: :: H.C. Andersen Centret: H.C. Andersen's Dreams - May 20 1831
[In Hamburg] Some streets are not broad enough for a fat person, one walks though a entry to more; I dared only to look up them; they reminded me all too strongly of a dream I once had where I was crushed between two houses and could not escape.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Make a new year's resolution to share your family history information with other genealogists

because your family is bigger than you know

Happy New Year

Hugh Watkins