Thursday, December 23, 2004

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Beckfordiana website - Lord Nelson at Fonthill

Admiral Lord Nelson and his Navy: "Battle of Trafalgar bicentenary - 21st October 2005"

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Hans Christian Andersen called Christmas in Denmark "unforgettably magnificent" and he was right! The clever, hospitable Danes celebrate the holiday in the most joyful, heart-warming ways.

Med en rejsehue (Den glade jul dig lover ret)" [Danish title] is number 2413 in the Hans Christian Andersen Center's register of Andersen's literary works, i.e. no. 913 in the category poems (the range 1501 - 2900). BFN 1163.
Hans Christian Andersen : Med en rejsehue (Den glade jul dig lover ret) [Danish title] :: :: The Hans Christian Andersen Center

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

H.C. Andersen - På rejse med posten (Adventures with the post) but doesn't work too well yet